u13s Scottish Cup 2017-18

Fixtures Score Ref Venue
Round 1                                                     Ties to be played 26th / 27th August
Blackburn United CYFC v Broxburn Athletic Colts 0-10
Murieston United v Eliburn FC 0-1
Leith Athletic FC v Kirkliston South Queensferry 7-1
Dunbar Colts v Currie Star FC 6-0
Currie Star Colts v Musselburgh Windsor FC 0-10
Lasswade Thistle FC v Bonnyrigg Rose FC 1-0
Spartans FC Youth v St Bernard's BC Midlothian 2-5
Craigshill Thistle Black v Polbeth United 7-0
Currie FC v Gala Fairydean Rovers 3-4aet
North Berwick Colts v Bathgate Thistle CFC 0-10
AC Oxgangs CFC v Peebles FC 3-4
Edinburgh South CFC Ospreys v Lassawde Thistle Reds 2-10
Currie FC Colts v Musselburgh Young Stars 0-6
Newtongrange Star YDA v Loanhead YFC 0-8
2nd Round                                        Ties to be played 30th September / 1st October
Linlithgow Rose CFC Maroon v Redhall Star YFC 10-0
Kirkfield United v Leith Athletic Colts 1-0
Livingston FC Community Lions v Lasswade Thistle FC 0-10
Tynecastle FC v Lochend YFC 8-0
St Bernard's BC Midlothian v Broxburn Athletic Colts United 10-2
Tynecastle FC Development v Falkirk FC Foundation White 8-0
Leith Athletic FC v Longniddry Villa 2-6
Craigshill Thistle Black v Duns Juniors 1-0
Gala Fairydean Rovers v Spartans FC Flyers 3-2
Mid Calder Colts v Civil Service Strollers 2-5
Hutchison Vale Colts v Bathgate Thistle CFC 2-3
Bathgate Thistle CFC Reds v Symington Tinto 5-2
Edinburgh City v Armadale CFC Blacks 8-0
Peebles FC  v Musselburgh Windsor FC 0-7
Musselburgh Windsor Blues v Armadale CFC 1-0
Lasswade Thistle Reds v Redhall Star YDA 8-3
Livingston FC Community v Spartans FC Locomotive 10-0
Bathgate Thistle CFC Blacks v Edinburgh South CFC 0-8
Loanhead MYFC v Hutchison Vale FC 0-10
Cramond FC v Salvesen CFC 9-6aet
Haddington Athletic CFC v Armadale CFC Blues 3-6
East Calder CFC v Kelso FC 1-9
Portobello CFA v Murieston United Blues 10-0
Broxburn Athletic Colts Badgers v Preston Athletic YFC 3-5
Broxburn Athletic Colts v Bathgate Thistle Whites 1-2 aet
Musselburgh Young Stars v Eliburn FC 7-5
Dunbar United Colts v Linlithgow Rose CFC 2-8
Arniston Rangers v Whitburn FCA 10-1
3rd Round                                Ties to be played 28th / 29th October
Holytown Colts FC v Armadale CFC Blues 6-5
Linlithgow Rose CFC Maroon v Gairdoch United FC 0-10
Edinburgh South CFC v East Stirlingshire Galaxy 2-0
Celtic BC v Preston Athletic YFC 10-0
Gala Fairydean Rovers v Glenbrae Colts YFC 1-5
Kildrum United FC v Tynecastle FC Development 4-1
Longniddry Villa v Dumbarton United 3-1
Cove BC v Lasswade Thistle FC 2-1
Oban Saints v Symigton Tinto 10-0
Conoly Park v Bathgate Thistle CFC 3-6
Livingston FC Community v Johnstone Burgh FC 0-9
Third Lanark FA v Civil Service Strollers 0-4
Kerse United v Arniston Rangers 8-2
Portobello CFA v Campsie FC 10-2
Kennoway United v TYnecastle FC 1-4
Lasswade Thistle Reds v Rosyth FC 2-0
Musselburgh Windsor FC v Kirkshaws Colts Blacks 2-0
Kelso FC v Rosebank United 5-2
Craigshill Thistle Black v Harmony Row YC Red 0-1
Dyce BC v Linlithgow Rose CFC 2-0
Ellon Meadows FC v Cramond FC 3-0
Bathgate Thistle Whites v Dunbeth FC 3-2
Edinburgh City FC v The Nith United FC 9-2
St Bernard's BC Midlothian v Banks O'Dee Albion 1-7
Amsoccer Club v Hutchison Vale FC 1-10
Carbrain BC v Kirkfield United 2-5
Musselburgh Windsor Blues v Cambuslang FA 2-4
Aston Villa BC v Musselburgh Young Stars 7-1
4th Round                                               Ties to be played 18th / 19th November
Hutchison Vale FC v Knightswood FC 8-1
Bathgate Thistle CFC v Ellons Meadow FC 1-2
Cambusland Football Academy v Kirkfield United 1-3
Edinburgh City FC v Galston YFC 6-0
Edinburgh South CFC v Dyce BC 2-4
Erskine YFC v Civil Service Strollers FC 2-1
Glenburn Miners Welfare v Portobello CFA 1-8
Hampden Weir Recreation AFC v Bathgate Thistle Whites 2-4
Heston Rovers v Tynecastle FC 5-3
Holytown Colts FC v Lasswade Thistle Reds 2-7
Lenzie YC v Musselburgh Windsor FC 3-2
Longniddry Villa v Pro Football Academy 1-1 2-3p
Palace Park BC B v Kelso FC 6-0
5th Round                                             Ties to be played 9th / 10th December
Bathgate Thistle Whites v Celtic Boys Club 1-5
Edinburgh City FC v Hamilton Academical CTFC 7-2
Grassroots Development Coaching v Portobello CFA 3-1
Hutchison Vale FC v Stenhousemuir BC 7-1
Kirkfield United v Falkirk FC Foundation 0-2
Lasswade Thistle Reds v Oban Saints 4-6 aet
6th Round
Hutchison Vale FC v Eddlewood BC 2-1
Kerse United v Edinburgh City 3-2
7th Round
Johnstone Burgh v Hutchison Vale FC 0-2
Semi final
Grassroots Development Coaching v Hutchison Vale FC 0-2
Cove BC v Hutchison Vale FC