u13's Scottish Cup Fixtures and Results

**Fixtures and results will update each week.

Fixtures Score Ref Venue
Prelimary Round      
1- Fernieside FC vs Musselburgh Windsor 1-10    
2- Broxburn Athletic Colts Whites vs Currie Star FC 4-2    
3- Peebles FC vs Armadale SC 10-1    
4- Bathgate Thistle CFC vs Polbeth United 10-1    
5- Newcraighall Leith Vics vs Spartans FC Colts 4-4, 5-6p    
6- Hutchison Vale FC vs Broxburn Athletic Colts 10-0    
7- Longniddry Villa vs Leith Athletic 0-1    
1st Round      
Savesen CFC vs Arniston Rangers YFC 2-7    
Cramond FC vs Hutchison Vale Colts 0-6    
Spartans FC Colts vs Bathgate Thistle CFC 1-6    
Calvary Park vs Preston Athletic YFC 1-0    
Musselburgh Young Stars vs Dunbar United Colts 7-0    
Musselburgh Athletic vs Edinburgh City 7-0    
Spartans FC Youth 2002 vs Blackburn United 3-2    
Edina Hibs CFC vs Bonnyrigg Rose Colts 1-0    
Currie Star FC Blues vs Pumpherston United 0-10    
Whitburn FCA Thistle vs Bonnyrigg Rose Reds 10-2    
Craigroyston BC vs Hutchison Vale FC 0-9    
Leith Athletic Colts vs Bonnyrigg Rose FC 1-9    
Peebles FC vs Armadale Thistle 5-0    
Spartans FC Youth vs Livingston FCBC 10-0    
Currie Star FC Whites vs Tynecastle FC 0-1    
Edinburgh South Colts vs Murieston Reds 1-9    
Leith Athletic vs Musselburgh Windsor 1-7    
Tranent Colts FC vs Kirkfield United 8-0    
North Berwick Colts vs Linlithgow Rose CFC Maroons 10-0    
Livingston Hearts FC Maroons vs AC Oxgangs 0-9    
Musselburgh Athletic Whites vs Blackhall Athletic 6-3    
Broxburn Athletic Colts Whites vs Murieston United 6-4aet    
Tynecastle FC Colts vs Haddington Athletic 9-1    
Linlithgow Rose CFC vs Armadale Falcon Reds 3-6    
Gala Fairydean Rover vs Bonnyrigg Rose Pumas 5-0    
Redpath Albion vs Edinburgh City Reds 0-10    
2nd Round      
North Berwick Colts v Edinburgh City Reds 6-5    
Bonnyrigg Rose FC v Dunbar United Colts 7-3    
Pumpherston United v Arniston Rangers YFC 7-0    
Musselburgh Athletic v Armadale Falcons Reds 10-1    
Tranent Colts FC v Tynecastle FC Colts 0-1    
Musselburgh Athletic Whites v Spartans FC 2002 1-0    
AC Oxgangs v Bathgate Thistle CFC 1-10    
Gala Fairydean Rovers v Tynecastle FC 1-5    
Edina Hibs CFC v Peebles FC 4-0    
Cavalry Park v Murieston United Reds 5-0    
Whitburn FCA Thistle v Hutchison Vale FC 2-1    
Broxburn Athletic Colts Whites v Spartans FC Youth 0-3    
Hutchison Vale Colts v Musselburgh Windsor  2-4    
3rd Round      
East Kilbride FC Blue v Tynecastle FC Colts 8-2    
Musselburgh Athletic Whites v Cumbernauld Colts FC 2-8    
Whitburn FCA Thistle v Lewis United Youth 2-5    
Banks O'Dee Albion v North Berwick Colts 8-1    
Spartans FC Youth v Dundee United SC 11-0    
Camelon Juniors v Tynecastle FC 0-12    
Musselburgh Windsor v Giffnock SC 1-6    
Cavalry Park v Broomhill SC 7-2    
Broughty United YFC v Bonnyrigg Rose FC 1-5    
Mill United BC v Bathgate Thistle CFC 2-1    
Gairdoch United FC v Pumpherston United 9-1    
Edina Hibs CFC v Bonnyton Thistle FC 5-0    
Scone v Musselburgh Athletic 1-7    
4th Round      
East Kilbride FC Blue v Edina Hibs CFC 2-4    
Fairmuir BC v Musselburgh Athletic 2-3aet    
 Glenvale AFC v Spartans FC 3-1    
Cavalry Park v Gairdoch United FC 1-5    
Tynecastle FC v Bonnyrigg Rose FC 5-0    
5th Round      
Musselburgh Athletic v Tynecastle FC 1-4    
Edina Hibs CFC v Jerviston FC 0-4    
6th Round      
Tynecastle FC vs Lewis United Youth 3-0    
Semi final      
Wolves FC / Jerviston FC vs Tynecastle FC