u15's Division 2 League Cup 2014/2015

**Fixtures and results will update each week.

Fixtures Score Ref Venue
Under 15 Division 2 League Cup Trialists can play in sectional games but all players must be registered to play in Semi finals and Final      
Section 1      
Musselburgh Windsor FC vs Easthouses FC 2-3    
Spartans FC Blues vs Peebles FC 7-1    
Redhall Star YFC vs Musselburgh Windsor FC 2-0    
Easthouses FC vs Spartans FC Blues 2-2    
Redhall Star YFC vs Peebles FC 6-0    
Musselburgh Windsor FC vs Spartans FC Blues 3-3    
Easthouses FC vs Redhall Star YFC 2-2    
Peebles FC vs Musselburgh Windsor FC      
Peebles FC vs Easthouses FC 3-3    
Spartans FC Blues vs Redhall Star YFC 1-5    
Section 2      
Edinburgh City vs Livingston FCBC 5-1    
TYnecastle FC Colts vs North Merchiston FC 0-1    
Spartans FC Reds vs Edinburgh City 3-2    
Livingston FCBC vs Tynecastle FC Colts 2-1    
Spartans FC Reds vs North Merchiston FC 2-2    
Edinburgh City vs Tynecastle FC Colts 1-6    
Livingston FCBC vs Spartans FC Reds 6-3    
North Merchiston FC vs Edinburgh City 9-1    
North Merchiston FC vs Livingston FCBC 1-3    
Tynecastle FC Colts vs Spartans FC Reds 1-2    
Section 3      
Blackhall Athletic vs Bonnyrigg Rose FC 1-6    
Craigroyston BC vs Cramond FC 0-6    
Haddington Athletic vs Blackhall Athleitic 3-0    
Bonnyrigg Rose FC vs Craigroyston BC 4-1    
Haddington Athletic vs Cramond FC 0-7    
Blackhall Athletic vs Craigroyston BC 1-1    
Bonnyrigg Rose FC vs Haddington Athletic 5-5    
Cramond FC vs Blackhall Athletic      
Cramond FC vs Bonnyrigg Rose FC 5-0    
Craigroyston BC vs Haddington Athletic 1-7    
Play offs      
Spartans FC Reds vs North Merchiston FC 1-2    
Haddington Athletic vs Bonnyrigg Rose FC 2-5    
Bonnyrigg Rose FC vs North Merchiston FC 3-8    
Semi finals      
Redhall Star YFC vs Livingston FCBC 0-2    
Cramond FC vs North Merchiston FC 2-3aet    
Livingston FCBC vs North Merchiston FC 1-3