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Under 17 Victor Paris Bathrooms Cup 2016/17

Fixtures Score Ref Venue
1st Round      
Tynecastle FC v Redhall Star YFC 1-0    
Leith Athletic FC v Spartans FC Reds 1-2    
Tynecastle FC Colts v Bonnyrigg Rose FC 1-8    
Edina Hibs BC v Spartans FC Blues 0-1    
Currie FC v Hutchison Vale FC 1-9    
Musselburgh Windsor Blues v Blackhall Athletic 6-2aet    
Dalkeith Thistle CFC v North Merchiston FC 6-2    
AC Oxgangs v Whitehill Welfare 7-0    
Musselburgh Windsor FC v Cramond Blues 2-0    
Edinburgh City FC v St Bernard's BC Midlothian 9-1    
2nd Round      
Currie Star FC v Fauldhouse United 0-9    
Hutchison Vale FC v Musselburgh Windsor Blues 5-0    
Gala Fairydean Rovers v Peebles FC 2-1    
AC Oxgangs v Dalkeith Thistle CFC 2-9    
Edinburgh City FC v Spartans FC Reds 1-3    
Cramond FC v Bonnyrigg Rose FC 2-3    
Tynecastle FC v Musselburgh Windsor FC 1-0    
Musselburgh Young Stars v Spartans FC Blues 1-0    
3rd Round      
Bonnyrigg Rose FC v Gala Fairydean Rovers 1-0    
Spartans FC Reds v Dalkeith Thistle CFC 0-4    
Fauldhouse United v Hutchison Vale FC 1-4    
Musselburgh Young Stars v Tynecastle FC 1-9    
Semi finals      
Bonnyrigg Rose FC v Tynecastle FC 0-1    
Hutchison Vale FC v Dalkeith Thistle CFC 6-2    
Tynecastle FC v Hutchison Vale FC  1-2