IMPORTANT Message for all users of Portoello High School 3G pitches

Allan has receive this statment from Edinburgh Leisure and we have been asked to bring it to the attention of all Teams that use Portobello High School 3G Pitches

Dear All Portobello Pitch Users

I have again been informed that not all users are complying with the requirement in not wearing boots inside the school! this has also been communicated back to me by leisure attendants that on occasions their request for this are being ignored along with the sign at the door.

There is now damage to the school floor due to this with the school now keen for us to enforce a let cancellation should this continue to be ignored.

Therefore can I request as the booking organiser that this is shared with all coaches and away clubs as I really don’t want to be faced with cancelling a let due to non-compliance.

The facilities at Portobello are second to none and we all want to ensure the longevity, I look forward to your co-operation in this matter.

If your club is fully complying then thank you.

Have a good weekend

 Jimmy Livingstone
Schools Implementation Manager
Direct: 0131 458 2702
Edinburgh Leisure
Vantage Point
Cultins Road
EH11 4DF