Notice of SYFA AGM 2020


Dear Member,
Notice is hereby given that the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM) of SYFA LIMITED will be held in Hampden Park, Glasgow, G42 9BF on Saturday 20 June 2020 at 1.00pm.
This meeting has been convened for legal purposes only and will be immediately adjourned using the powers given by Article 24 as soon as it begins.
Under no circumstances should any members attempt to attend this meeting. Any members who do attempt to attend will not be permitted entry for health and safety reasons.
The adjourned AGM will take place on Saturday 26th September.
In this interim period, we will be looking at facilitating remote participation for the adjourned AGM, for those who would rather participate electronically. Updates on this will follow in due course.
As per Article 29, 'no business shall be transacted at an adjourned meeting other than business which might properly have been transacted at the meeting had the adjournment not taken place.' The only permitted changes therefore to the attached notice will be the date, time, entry details and venue of the meeting.
In accordance with the articles, proxies have been issued for the meeting on the 20th June, however we will issue further proxies in due course, to be submitted no less than 48 hours prior to the revised date for the AGM.
Article 17.2 was amended at last year’s AGM to allow greater voting flexibility for members: ‘Each Member Club shall be entitled to one vote for each member team (each with a unique SYFA Team ID number) registered under their SFA ID on any business to be voted upon at any such meetings.’
This means that a club representative can attend and vote on behalf of multiple teams under their club name, or teams can attend and vote individually.
We look forward to seeing you all in September but please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions at this stage​

Kind regards,

Rachel Stewart
Wellbeing and Compliance Coordinator

Scottish Youth FA
Hampden Park G42 9BF