REMINDER OF Phase 3 - Return to Football rules for training sessions

We hope everyone is keeping well and currently trying to get everything ready for when we can all start playing football again. We have been asked to remind all teams of the current Phase 3 - Return to Football Guidance rules that have been put in place which allows teams to train at theses difficult times. These rules have been put in place to allow teams to return safely to a stage where we can play games once more. We would like to remind everyone that anyone who breaks these rules not only are you putting peoples health and lifes at risk you may also delay the date we can resume our Leagues. We would like to thank all the teams for their help by training within the Phase 3 - Return to Football Guidance.

We have been asked to publish this on behalf of the SYFA 

This email has been sent to all regional secretaries.

I hope you're keeping well.
We've received an email regarding the return to training. Whilst the sender
has not provided any specific evidence, he has advised that 'widespread'
breaking of the rules is happening across the country and that SYFA Regional
Secretaries, along with SFA staff, are aware of this.

I'm therefore wondering if you can please advise if you have been made aware
of any breaches to the current phase 3 guidelines within your area?
I appreciate this is a really broad question, however given the content of
the email received, I am of course duty bound to make enquires.

Kind regards,