SYFA - Update to Registration Process

Dear All League, Club & Team Secretaries,

As you will all be aware, the SYFA is not currently processing registration forms.
Although training has resumed, it has resumed with strict controls and social distancing requirements and does not indicate that it is safe to interact at the level that signings require.
We are however, aware, of the increasing desire to get players fully registered with the SYFA and the Board has therefore made the decision to temporarily amend the registration process until it safe to resume obtaining signatures as normal.

Please read the below carefully before submitting any registration forms.

    Teams may add players to a registration form via SFA Live, provided they have the written consent from the player’s parent/carer to do so
    Written consent can be provided via email, text message or any other electronic messaging from a verified account
    The parent/carer must provide consent along with confirmation that the child or young person would like to be registered with the team
    Once the summary sheet has been printed, two officials must then sign the bottom section of the sheet, ensuring to practice strict physical
    distancing at all times
    By signing the form, these officials are confirming that they have permissions to register the player (s) listed on the form
    Registration forms must then be scanned and emailed to
    All emails must confirm that they have received written consent as described above from each player’s parent/carer
    SYFA will be conducting spot checks and may ask teams to provide copies of this written consent
    Officials should securely store registration forms in order to obtain signatures when it is safe to do so
    A clear line should be scored through the names of any players added in error

Your patience is appreciated at this time and we would ask allow 5 working days for forms to be processed. Any forms emailed to us prior today, 31st July, should be resubmitted.
Please remember to use this new email address provided when sending in forms:

Kind regards,

SYFA Staff