URGENT FOR ALL SERYFA REFEREES - Child Wellbeing On-Line Module

Child Wellbeing On-Line Module
(Deadline Date for completion: 8th April 2019)
I write to you regarding the above.

As you may have been made aware, all referees have been contacted by the SFA regarding the importance of completing this Module.
Any referee who fails to complete the module by the deadline date will be rendered as prohibited from being appointed to fixtures.
To explain:
•The requirement involves them informing the Referee Department @ Hampden of their e-mail address.
•Thereafter, the department will arrange to add them to the Referee Extranet, providing them with a password.
•This allows the individual to then access the module and complete.
I reiterate, the completion of the module is mandatory for all registered referees and failure to do so will result in them unavailable for appointment.
We, the local association wish to support you in any way we can, thus ensuring that the referees you use on a regular basis are not penalised by failure to complete this.
Whilst I was informed by the referee department that this information had been distributed to the various leagues, I thought it appropriate to offer this reminder and suggest that you may wish to confirm the position with your referees.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact me direct.

Martin A Clark
Association Manager. EDRA.
Tel: 07728 003554
E-mail: martinac90@me.com