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Hello there,

I hope this email finds you well
This is an opportunity for your coaching experience to be enhanced and to be given support for what is already a very time-consuming voluntary job. Having coached for almost 10 years now and graduated with a BSC Honours degree in Sport and Physical Activity from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, I understand the pressures of coaching a football team in your spare time, and the importance of trying to deliver your best for the interest of the team.
This is your chance to save time and effort, yet still deliver a class standard session for your team.
I am offering the following service:
•    4 training session plans for 60-minute sessions, surrounding a topic of your choice (Shooting, defending set pieces, shaping etc) (240 minutes in total). Detailing the session with diagrams and descriptive paragraphs with coaching tips and progressions.
•    Advice on 3 areas of your choice, things that you may understand about the game or need clarity on, including man management, noticing opponents’ weaknesses or even playing to your strengths

It can be hard to find the time to create the perfect session for your team, especially after a hard day of work or fitting it around your daily routine. I am offering to reduce your time dramatically, instead of scrolling the web for ideas for what you want to deliver.
All I need is what you want to work on at training, rough estimate of numbers (because you do get call offs and injuries) and the age group for a rough guide to skill level of your team.
This is the easy bit, you send me an email two days before your session, and the session plan will be created for you the morning of the day of training.
Any advice you require, you will have a response the following day.
The cost of this service, to save you time and deliver that top-quality session your team deserves, will be £10. (Regular Subscriptions are possible)
Please follow my twitter page or email for further details (contact info below).

Yours Sincerely,
    Twitter: yourfootballcoach101