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Fixtures Score Ref Venue
Fixtures for Sunday 26th March 2017      
Belmont Vauxhall Cup Final      
Peebles FC vs Spartans FC Whites 1-5   New Dundas Park Bonnyrigg 11am
Stewart Brien Cup semi-final      
Tynecastle FC vs Leith Athletic FC 2-5 R.White  
League D1A      
AC Oxgangs vs Hutchison Vale FC 1-5 G.Mathison  
Lochend YFC vs St Bernards BC Midlothian 1-7 R.Lauder  
North Merchiston FC vs Portobello CFA 0-1 M.Smith  
Longniddry Villa vs Bonnyrigg Rose Jaguars 6-1 TBC  
League D1B      
Edinburgh City Gair vs Portobello CFA Thistle 1-3 P.Hay Forrester HS 3G 11;30am
Penicuik Athletic YFC Blues vs Hutchison Vale Colts 1-2 D.Hand  
Spartans FC Youth vs Gala Fairydean Rovers 5-1 S.Harris  
League D2A      
Penicuik Athletic YFC Reds vs Beechwood FC 0-2 R.Marr  
Spartans FC Reds vs Cramond FC p-p C.McGregor  
Gullan Athletic AFC vs Dalkeith Thistle CFC Star 9-0 J.Cattanach  
Redhall Star YFC vs Peebles FC Athletic 4-1 P.Burns  
Edinburgh South CFC vs Hutchison Vale Hornets 2-0 M.McHale  
Longniddry Villa Colts vs Dalkeith Thistle CFC 3-5 A.Reid  
Kirkliston South Queensferry vs Craigroyston BC 1-4 S.Lamb  
Lochend YFC Colts vs Currie FC 2-2 M.Gallacher  
League D2B      
Currie Star Colts vs Haddington Athletic CFC 3-3 R.Livingston  
St Bernards BC Strollers vs Bonnyrigg Rose Whites 4-2 J.Thomson  
Currie Star FC vs Penicuik Athletic YFC Whites 5-1 R.Menzies  
Edinburgh City Mbu vs Loanhead MYFC 4-1 C.Roulston Forrester HS grass 11am
North Merchiston Colts vs Musselburgh Windsor Blues 0-4 D.Smith  
Musselburgh Young Stars vs Edinburgh South CFC Reds 4-1 S.Norris  
North Berwick Colts vs Arniston Rangers 2-6 A Marr  
No game - Dunbar United Colts / Musselburgh Windsor FC / Eyemouth United / Tranent Colts FC / Leith Athletic Colts      
Fixtures for Sunday 2nd April 2017      
AC Taxi Cup Final      
Spartans FC Reds vs Craigroyston BC     New Dundas Park Bonnyrigg Admission £2
Ken Ritchie Cup semi-final      
Leith Athletic FC vs Hutchison Vale FC   R White  
League D1A      
AC Oxgangs vs Tynecastle FC   P.Burns  
Spartans FC Whites vs Bonnyrigg Rose Jaguars   A.Downie  
Lochend YFC vs Portobello CFA   W.MacKenzie  
League D1B      
Hutchison Vale Colts vs Peebles FC   G.Mathieson  
Gala Fairydean Rovers vs Portobello CFA Thistle   T B C  
League D2A      
Dalkeith Thistle CFC Star vs Beechwood FC   M.Scott  
Penicuik Athletic YFC Reds vs Cramond FC   J.Darling  
Edinburgh South CFC vs Lochend YFC Colts   S.Norris  
Kirkliston South Queensferry vs Dalkeith Thistle CFC   G Bain  
Hutchison Vale Hornets vs Redhall Star YFC   M.Smith  
Peebles FC Athletic vs Currie FC   C.Whittingham  
Longniddry Villa Colts vs Gullane Athletic YFC   J.Cattanach  
League D2B      
Arniston Rangers vs Musselburgh Windsor Blues   R.Thomson  
Currie Star FC vs Haddington Athletic CFC   S.Lamb  
Loanhead MYFC vs Musselburgh Young Stars   S.Robertson  
St Bernards BC Mid Strollers vs Leith Athletic Colts   A.Marr  
North Merchiston Colts vs Bonnyrigg Rose Whites   S.Harris  
No game - Musselburgh Windsor FC / Longniddry Villa / Eyemouth United / Tranent Colts FC / Spartans FC Youth / Edinburgh City Gair / Currie Star Colts / Edinburgh South CFC Reds / Edinburgh City Mbu / North Berwick Colts / Penicuik Athletic YFC Whites / St Bernard's BC Midlothian /Dunbar United Colts /Penicuik Athletic YFC Blues