2020/21 Inspiresport Scottish Youth FA Cup - Information

This email has been sent to all Club and League Secretaries: please ensure to share it with your teams.      
The Board have been deliberating on the best course of action for the 2020/21 Inspiresport Scottish Youth FA Cup and would like to share the outcomes:      
1.    The decision has been made that for 13s, 14s, 15s, 16s and 17s – the Cup will not go ahead this season.      
2.    The 19s and 21s’ Cup remains postponed with a further review scheduled in January to determine the viability of it still going ahead.     

Our sincere apologies to players and officials who are disappointed by this news.  We would like to assure everyone that the decision to call off the Cup at the above age groups is not one taken lightly but one that now proves necessary.      
The Board delayed making this decision until now to allow for improvements to the Covid pandemic and resulting loosening of restrictions.  However, the reality is that these improvements just have not come to fruition.    
Normally, by this time in the year, the fourth round of fixtures have been completed.  Currently, as a result of the ongoing restrictions, we haven’t been able to play even the first round of fixtures. There are also too many uncertainties around local restrictions to confidently assert that it could be completed once it starts.      

Cup fees paid for the 2020/21 InspireSport Scottish Youth FA Cup at age groups that have now been cancelled will automatically transfer over to next season’s Cup, meaning there will be no Cup entry fee to pay next season.        

Kind Regards,    
The Board of the Scottish Youth FA