All roles within clubs that require PVG Checks

I’m contacting you all to provide an updated list of all roles which require the completion of a PVG check.

The relevant roles are listed below:

Club Coach Co-ordinator
Club Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer
Club Additional Signatory

Team Coach (level 1.2.or above)
Team Coach Assistant
Team Helper
Team Goalkeeping Coach

Team First Aider
Team Secretary

It is essential that the correct  role is written on the PVG application form. No other positions are currently eligible for PVG membership through the SYFA, and applications submitted for individuals in roles not listed above cannot be processed. Should there be any changes to the above, I will ensure to notify you immediately.
If you are no longer an additional signatory with the SYFA, please advise me of this so that I can update my records accordingly.
Please note this information is also being provided to league secretaries for their information.

Kind regards,

Florence Witherow
National Secretary
Scottish Youth Football Association