This seasons cup finals have been hard to organise and we have had to make a few changes to allow supporters in to the games.  

All supporters who attend you will be required to fill in a covid attendance form. We will have a form at the gate for everyone to sign.

To try and prevent a build up at the gate we are asking everyone to arrive a bit earlier than the KO time.

We have also attached a form that can be downloaded and filled in prior to your arrival so you can hand it to the committee.

It can be filled in by an individual or by everyone in your group.

The details we require are your (printed) full name, the team your supporting and a current contact telephone number.

The enrty ree is still £2 per adult and £1 for a raffel ticket (drawn at half time).

We would be greatful if you can help us by also staying in the spectator areas that you will be advised of at the gate.