E-mail re Travel Restrictions and League Fixtures

Regarding the rumours that were going around on social media re the playing of fixtures in the SERYFA Alpha Trophies Leagues.The e-mail that was being circulated should not have been published. Below is a copy of the latest official e-mail that has been circulated by the SYFA. We hope by publishing this e-mail it helps to clarify the current situation.

Copy of e-mail from SYFA dated 12th October 2020

Subject: Travel Restrictions and League Fixtures
Good Afternoon All,
This email has been sent to league secretaries within the five high-risk health board areas.I hope you are all keeping well.
I’m just back from a week of AL today so apologies for any outstanding emails awaiting a reply- I am still working my way through my inbox at the moment.
I understand there is some confusion around fixtures and wanted to provide clarity around this.
At present, the situation regarding fixtures remains unchanged from our communication on Thursday 8th October:
‘All under 19 and under 21 football under the jurisdiction of the SYFA is suspended until 25th October in these health board areas: Greater Glasgow & Clyde,
Lanarkshire, Ayrshire & Arran, Lothian, and Forth Valley. All other fixtures in these areas can go ahead provided they comply with all Government Restrictions.’
In relation to the proposal put forward at yesterday’s meeting regarding local bubbles, I would also like to highlight that this document is just that: a proposal.
We are keen to hear league’s thoughts on the idea, but must stress that absolutely no decision has been reached at present. We would also ask that leagues reaching out to teams to garner opinions on the matter, ensure to make these teams aware of this important fact.
Discussions are ongoing today, specifically around the Scottish Government travel guidance.
As I’ve explained before, these discussions are complex and multifaceted, comprising of several different stakeholders.
Please rest assured that the concerns raised by many of you regarding the barriers to sport which current travel restrictions have created, have been imparted in no uncertain terms.
As soon as any further information or update becomes available, I’ll be in touch right away.

Kind regards,