I understand there is an urgent need across multiple regions for more additional signatories.

In order to alleviate this pressure, I am going to alter the process for issuing signatory codes with immediate effect.
Nominated trainers will now be able to issue codes directly to their members on successful completion of training.

Please read the below steps carefully as failure to do so may result in the issue of invalid codes or the need for repeat training.

Each Regional Secretary can nominate two trainers within their region (three if the Regional Secretary also wishes to act as an approved trainer).
The names and contact details of these trainers must be emailed to me and I will confirm approval by return email

Once approved, trainers will then be eligible to issue signatory codes to members. Signatory codes must only be issued to members who have been fully trained in the PVG application process and can display a clear understanding of the role.

Signatory codes should follow the following format TRAINER INITIAL/ DATE OF TRAINING/ BASIC NUMBER

Each trainer should keep track of the basic numbers they have issued, starting at 01, so no trainer should ever issue the same basic number.
For example, if I was training somebody today, and it was the fourth person I had trained under the new issuing system, their signatory code would be:

Approved trainers must email me full details of codes issued so that I can record them. Codes will only be valid for use after this has been done.
In the first instance, I simply require the details from each of you of your nominated trainers. Once I have this, I will send steps- 3-5 in an easy to follow format to all approved trainers.

as always, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any further queries.

Kind regards,


Florence Witherow
National Secretary
Scottish Youth Football Association