Give for Grassroots Fund

Good Afternoon,    
This email has been sent to all league secretaries.    
Please see the below email which has just been issued to all clubs regarding the launch of a new grassroots support fund.

Subject: Give for Grassroots Fund     

Good Afternoon,      
This email has been sent to all club secretaries: please share it with your teams.      
Below are the details of the Give for Grassroots fund which was launched yesterday.     
If you have any questions regarding the fund, please email SFP Trust:


The Give for Grassroots Fund has been set up by The Scottish Football Partnership Trust in conjunction with The Scottish Football Association. Funding is available specifically to support ‘Individual’ players at community football clubs up to age 18 who are suffering through financial hardship because of the Covid-19 pandemic and who are at risk of dropping out of the game. Affiliated clubs are encouraged to apply to this fund to cover 12 months of critical participation costs for disadvantaged playing members so that any financial barrier which exists, can be removed and the player can get back on the pitch and remain part of the football family when football returns.


  1. Applications should come from club leaders only and NOT individual coaches, parents or players.
  2. Round 1 of the Fund focuses on ‘Individual’ players in critical need.
  3. Clubs can apply on behalf of multiple individuals/players up to age 18. (Up to a max of 5 players per club in round 1).
  4. Funding can be provided to cover individual participation costs for 12 months.
  5. Priority will be given to children living in areas rated highest on the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) however every application will be considered on its individual merit.

 Link to Application Form

*This fund has been made possible thanks to donations from The Scottish FA , PFA Scotland and over 100 Individual Scotland supporters.   

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The Board of the SYFA