We have had the following info re contacting Scottish Cup Opponents sent to us by Hampden. Both teams have a responsibility to contact their opponents re fixture details as early as possible. if you are the away team in any Scottish. Cup tie you are also expexted to contact your opponents if you have not heard from them. Do not leave it to late to contact opponents

Contacts for Scottish Cup opponents are live on old system

The teams will log into and select SCOTTISH CUP and then enter the team secretary surname and team I D and the system will then send the team secretary (the new team secretarys details have been matched with the old system) a NEW PASSWORD for the old system. They will then log in again to Select Scottish Cup then in option for their opponents they will enter their surname - team ID and the NEW PASSWORD. The will the enter team ID of their opponent and it will display the contact details for their opponents

This will also become the way for all teams old and new to apply for tournaments  and friendlies as the payment portal has been fixed. League secretaries will still need to sign application forms 

Hope you all understand and good luck