Inspiresport Scottish Youth FA Cup Update

This email has been sent to all league secretaries- please share it with teams competing in this season’s Inspiresport Scottish Youth FA Cup.    

ET and Penalties    
In the event of the score being level after the stipulated playing time has been completed, the result of the tie will be decided by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark. Extra time should not be played. This is a temporary change to the rules which has been made in light of the ongoing challenges around securing match venues, and extending let times.   

Covid- Related Postponement       
If teams are unable to fulfil fixtures due to Covid (positive cases, pending test results and self-isolation), regions should advise Mitch accordingly. (

Teams requesting relief of fixtures due to Covid need to explain the circumstances (without disclosing individual player data) and team secretaries should be advised that if it is subsequently discovered the information provided is false or misleading, this will be managed through disciplinary process.   

Postponements need to be granted if teams cannot play their Scottish Cup fixture due to Covid.

 Scottish Cup Booklet    
We hope that an updated booklet will be available on the website very soon, however in the meantime we would direct teams to rules 87-127 of the Supplementary and Playing Rules, which covers cup competitions (although please note temporary change on ET is not covered within the published rules).    

Team Lines       
The Scottish Cup team line can be found here:

All team lines should be emailed to    

Most referees will take paper copies however, we would recommend liaising with referees in advance to confirm team line and payment processes.    

We would ask that in the regional rounds, referee disciplinary reports are initially sent to the relevant regional secretary, with any cases of a particularly serious nature then passed to the SYFA

Many thanks for your work and support to date, all the more so in these ongoing challenging times. We recognize that Covid continues to cause disruption throughout grassroots football and appreciate the flexibility and responsiveness displayed across the regions.

Kind regards.   

The Board of the SYFA   
Scottish Youth FA    
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