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Latest Information e-mail from SYFA 15th May 2020

Here is a copy of an information e-mail we have received from SYFA.

I sincerely hope you are keeping safe and well in these challenging times.
This email has been sent to all Club, League and Regional Secretaries; we would ask all club secretaries to please ensure it is shared with all 11 a side teams.

2020/2021 Registrations

Before commencing the registration process for the 2020/2021 season we would urge all team, club and league officials to familiarise themselves with the following information
While the affiliation window will open on Thursday 21st May, we still do not know at this stage when football in Scotland will return, or what format that initial return will take.
The only absolute certainty at the moment is that football activities, at all levels across the whole of Scotland, will remain suspended until at least 10th June. There is every possibility that this date may be pushed back, and when football does resume, it seems beyond question that additional measures will need to be put in place.
The SYFA is opening registrations so that leagues, clubs and teams already in a position to do so, can complete the administrative side of the registration process. It is not an indication or signal of when football activities may resume, and it is essential teams that opt to register now understand it may still be several months until they are able to restart training.
Members must only register if the relevant club and / or team secretary is already in a position to execute the task from home. Under no circumstances should officials be meeting up in order to prepare for their membership application.
Opening early helps to prevent an unmanageable number of applications being submitted within a very short space of time, which would likely be the case if we held-off opening registrations until an official restart date had been confirmed. This could lead to further delay and, ultimately, prevent teams getting back to football at the earliest possible opportunity. It also allows leagues and clubs that are in a position to do so, to complete the administrative process well in advance, ensuring football itself can be their key priority down the line.

It is at each individual league’s discretion as to whether or not they wish to accept team applications for their specific league at this stage. Any leagues that do wish to accept applications must ensure they do so in line with all government guidelines and restrictions.

PVG Scheme

There will be absolutely no flexibility in terms of membership of the PVG scheme for all regulated roles. Only individuals who have completed the safe selection process and been granted full membership may be listed on team registrations. While we understand the difficulties this may cause for recent applicants, the wellbeing and protection of the children and young people who participate under our jurisdiction is of paramount importance to the SYFA and under no circumstances will we relax our strict methods where this is concerned.

First Aid

At present, teams must also list a first aider with an up to date first aid qualification. We are, however, looking into alternative first aid solutions and will update accordingly.

Coaching Qualifications

All teams should ensure to place adequately qualified individuals into the role of coach.
For teams aged 13 and over, the minimum requirement is a Level 1.2 Youth/Adult Coaching Certificate. While all face to face coaching courses were cancelled from March onwards, the Scottish FA have developed online versions of 1.1 and 1.2 courses, which will allow individuals to gain these qualifications even during these unprecedented times. We acknowledge that the current situation has brought with it a number of challenges and that some volunteers may be unable to participate in these virtual sessions. In light of these circumstances, throughout May and June, we will allow coaches who have not yet completed their 1.2 qualification to be added as a coach in a 2020/2021 team. Under-qualified coaches added at this stage must complete the minimum training by October 2020, failure to do so may result in the suspension of the official and therefore their team unable to operate.

Player Registrations

Under no circumstances should individuals be meeting any players or parents in order to complete registration forms. Any team failing to comply with this request will be reported to the Protection Panel. We have, however, implemented some changes so that teams can record registrations for players who they will then register in full once football resumes.
Once a team has completed the affiliation process and their application has been approved, they will be able to record registrations for current players up until 30th June, and new players from 1st July onwards.
This means they can add players to a form, and then get the form signed when training resumes, or when alternative measures are introduced to allow safe signing. Once a player has been added to a form, another team will not be able to register them.
Consent must have been expressly given prior to adding a player to a registration form. In the case of all players aged 17 and under, a parent or guardian should provide consent for themselves and their child. Players aged 18 and older can provide sole consent.

Membership Charges

Costs remain the same as last year, with the exception of standard insurance which has been discounted from £37 to £31.82. This is to compensate for the final part of last season when the Personal Accident component was not required due to the suspension of all football activities.
Standard guidelines for all other elements of the registration process remain in place and have been provided as an attachment to this email.
In order to protect the association financially and ensure we’re fully resourced when football activities recommence, the majority of staff have been placed on furlough leave. Registration approvals and query responses may take longer than usual as a result of reduced staffing, and therefore we would ask for your patience now more than ever in these extremely difficult times.

Specific team registration enquiries should be sent to however, please note that emails will not be answered until week commencing 25th May 2020.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly should you require any further information at this stage.

Kind regards,

Florence Witherow
National Secretary
Scottish Youth FA
Hampden Park G42 9BF