PVG Applications and Processing -URGENT MESSAGE

Allan received this e-mail from Hampden and he was asked to pass it on to our members.


Dear League Secretary
The SYFA Office have been receiving a high number of PVG application forms from non-registered officials. We are unable to process forms for anyone whose club have not put their details onto the IT system. As of today, we have rechecked all forms received in the office and all forms for officials who are not registered have now been destroyed.
Can we please ask you to inform all clubs and teams within your League that anyone who has submitted a form but they have not yet registered has now had their form destroyed. Please also remind all clubs/teams within your League that when they are sending officials to complete forms that they MUST be registered on the SYFA Membership website and that officials must have validated their details, in order that their form can be processed. Otherwise, their form will be destroyed upon receipt by the office as we cannot process these forms and they would need to complete another form once they are registered.
If you are holding a PVG signing night, please ask all officials who are there if they have validated their details via email on the system, as if they have not done so they may not be registered and they should be informed that their forms will not be processed if they are not registered.
When officials are completing forms, the Club ID is acceptable. They should also put the position that they will be holding within the club or team at E4 NOT Team Official. The following are a list of the positions which can be registered:

Assistant Coach
Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer
Club Helper
Coach (for those with Level 1.2 or above)
Coach Co-ordinator
Digital Media
First Aider (all first aiders MUST be checked against both the adults and childrens lists and the applicant must cross both boxes on their form)

Anyone who is operating a CLUB COMMITTEE level only (ie Club Secretary; Chairman/Vice Chairman; Treasurer; Minute Secretary; Club Fundraiser or Committee Member if that is their only position) are not subject to regulated work and therefore cannot be a member of the PVG Scheme.

We appreciate that the move over to the new IT system has taken some time and we appreciate your patience and that there has been a delay in processing of PVG forms for officials who were not registered whilst the system was migrating over.

We are now emailing the official and club secretary when a form is received and then when their certificate is returned and approved we email the official and club and league secretaries.

If anyone has any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards


Fiona Stewart

Operations Manager

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