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SERYFA SYFA Guidelines for new Season 2020/21

Assuming there is no resurgence of the virus, and in line with Government guidelines, we aim to return from the 12th of September by playing friendly matches. This will initially start with local friendly matches and will lead into competitive football returning in early October. However this is all subject to final sign off in the weeks leading up to this by the Scottish Government. ALL teams must obtain a permit to play any friendly from Allan Archibald.
The SERYFA Alpha Trophies Leagues have been given permission with all other Regions in Scotland to prepare to start our 2020/21 season on the Weekend of the 3rd & 4th of October 2020.
All league, club and team secretaries have been sent a copy of the New Rules that need to be followed as we move through our staged return to playing youth football.
The SERYFA held our AGMS for all age groups using Zoom, This appeared to be a great success. All the Leagues have been discussed and are now on the website. The League Secretary has arranged all the first rounds of fixtures and these will be put on the website once we have confirmation of the Scottish Cup details from the SYFA.
Key headlines to note;
a)      COVID testing is only required in the SPFL Premiership or for matches involving a Premiership club (both clubs plus officials must be tested for these matches).
b)      For ALL other matches, no testing is required however Scottish Government COVID and Scottish FA JRG guidance MUST be followed at all times.
c)       Every team must have a COVID Officer (who must have completed the relevant COVID officer training). This person will be your key contact – you should not have to interact with other team officials other than during the game itself. It is the home team COVID officer that is responsible for the proper set up of the ground and ensuring rules are adhered to.
d)      ALL local pitches must have a 4m perimeter marked around them with cones or markers (known as the Red Zone). Only team officials allowed inside the 4m perimeter. This will mean some pitches cannot be used if they are too close to the next pitch and only every second pitch can be used at the same time (i.e. some council pitches)
e)      Team lines should be exchanged via email with the relevant team emailing the referee and their opposition in line with relevant league timelines / rules.(Players injured prior to kick off can still be changed with a new team line, suitably signed, being emailed prior to the game)
f)       There will initially be no changing areas / rooms available at lower levels of football – everyone must turn up to matches ready to officiate. There is no set level of football for this as it will depend on each clubs facilities and their ability to meet social distancing rules. Where no changing areas are available the match official should agree with the home team COVID officer for a suitable person to retain the match officials valuables during the game.
g)      There will therefore be no showers available at these grounds.
h)      Where no changing areas are provided, do NOT leave the field of play at half time – remain on the pitch socially distanced.
i)        Only players and up to three coaches should be on the field of play at half time – no substitutes allowed to warm up / kick the ball about.
j)        If club officials need reported for any disciplinary issues after a match this should be advised to the clubs COVID officer.
k)      Where possible match officials should be paid via online banking to avoid cash being exchanged.
l)        At the conclusion of the match and where no changing areas are provided match officials should leave the ground and head home to shower and change.
These are just the headlines – please ensure you read the attached documents prior to playing or refereeing
Best wishes to everyone for a safe return to active football.
As we move through our staged return to football following documents can be found at attached link.
-          Matchday Protocols – Children and Young People
-          Matchday Protocols – Adults
These can also be found on the Return to Football Hub:
We wish everyone a safe and successful return to playing football and would like to remind everyone involved in youth football how important it is that we ALL follow the rules that the SYFA have set out.