Teams wishing to concede cup ties - important information

As discussed at the monthly meetings where teams are drawn against a team from a higher league.

Due to the number of last minute cup tie games being conceded at last minute, it was discussed at the monthly meeting that any team not wishing to play the tie and award it to their opponent should notify the League Secretary that they wish to concede the tie at the time of the cup draw or soon after, rather than wait till the game is cast on the website.

Leaving it to the last minute to concede the tie stops teams playing that weekend. If the League secretary is made aware that teams dont want to play the tie before the games are cast he can arrange for both teams to play other game that week the ties are due to be played. The fixtures are made up approx 3 weeks before they are cast on the website.

Would all clubs at all age groups please look at the all in cup ties and if they wish to  concede the game to a team in a higher division please notify the league secretary asap and before the fixture is cast to go on the website