Update from SYFA re football within the 5 High Risk Health Board Areas

The SERYFA have decided to publish part of an e-mail that has been sent to all league secretaries. We hope this helps to keep everyone informed of what's happening at this trying time for everyone.

This email has been sent to league secretaries within the five high-risk health board areas. 
Thank you all for your patience in these difficult times. 
Following on from the earlier Scottish FA update regarding the ongoing travel restrictions, we wanted to update you more specifically on the SYFA position at this time. 

Short Term Plan  
Following extensive feedback and discussions, along with the confirmation earlier today that football activities will not be given any exemption from the current travel advice, the proposed short term plan of local football bubbles will not be further explored at this time. This suggestion was put forward as a potential solution to provide match opportunities for as many players as possible whilst the health board travel boundaries are in place. The plan relied on a degree of flexibility from the Scottish Government in relation to travel, and such flexibility has not been granted. This, coupled with feedback received so far from teams and leagues who wish to proceed with competitive matches where guidance permits, has enabled us to quickly reach the decision that as things stand, the proposal will not be taken forward. We appreciate that some of you will still be in discussions with your teams around this matter and would encourage this dialogue to continue: should the restrictions be increased or extended, we may look once again at the feasibility of creating local football bubbles. 

League Fixtures 
Leagues who wish to proceed with their scheduled fixtures can do so throughout this period, however must be mindful that teams (and within that, players and officials) cannot travel outwith their health board boundary to play matches. This will mean that some teams will be unable to play within their registered league at this time, and will need to catch up with any missed fixtures once the restrictions are lifted. We would ask that leagues do not penalise any teams who are unable to fulfil fixtures due to the current restrictions. 

Friendly Matched Teams unable to participate in league fixtures, or whose league opts to suspend fixtures at this time,  can continue to play friendlies, again provide they adhere to the guidelines on travel. We would ask that leagues sanction these friendlies and take an empathetic approach in doing so .These friendly requests do not need to be escalated to regional or national level, but do require permission from both secretaries if the teams involved play in different leagues.