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Latest Travel Guidelines for youth football

This email has been sent to all league and club secretaries: please ensure to share it with all impacted teams.

COVID 19 Latest Update from SYFA

This email has been sent to all league and club secretaries: please ensure to share it with all teams.                                                  Following further detail received from the Scottish Government and sportscotland late today, an update regarding travel guidance and level 4 activity has been provided on the Scottish FA website:

Latest info on Scottish Government Restrictions

This email has been sent to all League & Club Secretaries        Please follow the below link to the guidance published as a result of the latest Scottish Government restrictions:                                                                            We will continue to update you as we receive further information.

 All the best,

Inspiresport Scottish Youth FA Cup

This email has been sent to league and club secretaries; please ensure to share it with your teams.

 Following the First Minister’s update earlier in the week advising that further areas have been placed into level 3, we have made the decision to postpone the first round of the Scottish Cup, which was due to be played on the 21st/22ndNovember.

Latest Guidelines re Travel Arrangements for SYFA

 We received this e-mail from SYFA recurrent restrictions on youth football. The league secretary will endeavour to try keep teams playing in accordance with the new guidelines. Thanks for all your co-operation SERYFA 

Following the earlier update regarding travel exemptions, I just wanted to clarify some key points.

1. New travel exemptions for children’s and youth football, allowing under-18s to travel freely for exercise in areas within Levels 0-3.

Update from SYFA re football within the 5 High Risk Health Board Areas

The SERYFA have decided to publish part of an e-mail that has been sent to all league secretaries. We hope this helps to keep everyone informed of what's happening at this trying time for everyone.

This email has been sent to league secretaries within the five high-risk health board areas. 
Thank you all for your patience in these difficult times. 
Following on from the earlier Scottish FA update regarding the ongoing travel restrictions, we wanted to update you more specifically on the SYFA position at this time. 

E-mail re Travel Restrictions and League Fixtures

Regarding the rumours that were going around on social media re the playing of fixtures in the SERYFA Alpha Trophies Leagues.The e-mail that was being circulated should not have been published. Below is a copy of the latest official e-mail that has been circulated by the SYFA. We hope by publishing this e-mail it helps to clarify the current situation.

Copy of e-mail from SYFA dated 12th October 2020

SYFA Update on Return to Football

Dear all League, Club and Team Secretaries,

Following on from the First Minister’s statement issued yesterday we would like to provide an update on the impact this will have on the Return to Football. 

All under 19 and under 21 football under the jurisdiction of the SYFA is suspended until 25th October in these health board areas: Greater Glasgow & Clyde, Lanarkshire, Ayrshire & Arran, Lothian, and Forth Valley.

All other fixtures in these areas can go ahead provided they comply with all Government Restrictions.

Match Day Protocols

Good Morning, This email has been sent to all League, Club and Team Secretaries.

Thank you to all SYFA members for all they have done in getting us to back to the stage of allowing football to return. While we understand these are challenging times, we do have to ask again that everyone involved in arranging activity are following all the guidance to enable us to continue with football activity.

Track and Trace - Frequently asked Question And Answer

Q.    On a matchday, as the home team COVID officer should I insist on receiving all contact details for the opposition players for the purposes of Test & Protect?